Feedback nach Einzelsitzung Klangheilung

Eine englischsprachige Klientin hat Almuth und mir nach einer Einzelsitzung mit Light Grids Energiearbeit und heilsamem Tönen dieses Feedback gegeben:

„I had an opportunity to receive Light Grids healing from Almuth Podola and Vadano Garnjost.

They are intuitive healers in their own right and together they form a powerful duo. The healing with sounds is a unique form that goes deep and reaches us on a cellular level. I have worked for many years on my childhood pain. When they surfaced I could only quieten them down but they kept resurfacing. Since my treatment, now 3 weeks ago, I find that the deep old wounds no longer surface. I feel deeply cleansed of them and I am free to be who source created me to be. 

My heartfelt thanks to Almuth & Vadano. Namaste.“

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